Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan - Building Virginia's Resilient Coast Together

Coastal Region Study Message

Planning Approach

To complete the first Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan, and to lay the groundwork for future coastal adaptation and protection, we need your help. The Commonwealth is leading a coordinated public planning effort that leverages the creativity and ingenuity of our state’s many diverse coastal region communities to chart a comprehensive and inclusive path forward.

Virginia cannot achieve this vision of coastal resilience without the cooperation and invaluable insight of coastal plain residents, localities, and stakeholders. Our participatory planning process includes collaboration with communities, regional planning organizations, academic institutions, military installations, business and industry, non-governmental organizations, and other key partners. Through a robust public outreach and engagement process—including the Technical Advisory Committee and its Subcommittees, public meetings to provide information and solicit input, public surveys, and social media advisories—your community and stakeholder perspective will heavily inform the technical study process and the development of the first Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan. A transparent, objective, and replicable framework will factor in the diverse characteristics and challenges of all coastal plain communities to determine a project prioritization process based on risk and vulnerability, and determine paths to funding this critical work to adapt and protect our coast.

The Need for a State Plan

Draft Project Documents

The following project documents are considered drafts until the final first Virginia Coastal Master Plan is complete in November, 2021.

Initial Project Plan

This document provides a high-level outline of the project activities for the Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan (CRMP). An objective, description of activities, and products are provided for each study task and identified subtasks.

Initial Project Plan

Master Plan Schedule

Development of the Study Conceptual Model

This Technical Memorandum provides an overview of the initial Study Conceptual Model, accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet intended to be iteratively refined through engagement with the Commonwealth’s Chief Resilience Officer (CRO), the Special Assistant to the Governor for Coastal Adaptation and Protection (SACAP), and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Development of the Final Study Conceptual Model

Outreach Materials


If you have any questions, please send a message to:


Provide local insight and help inform the outreach and engagement process

General Public Survey 

Centralized Organization Survey

Data Call

Let us know what flood resilience projects and capacity-building efforts have been identified that you would like to be considered for the Coastal Resilience Master Plan.

Flood Resilience Projects

Capacity Building and Planning

Upcoming Meetings