EO-57 Development Of Carbon Reduction Strategies For Electric Power Generation Facilities

The final work group report is available here.

Full Text of the Executive Order

Executive Order 57 Work Group Members

  • Molly Ward, Secretary of Natural Resources
  • Todd Haymore, Secretary of Commerce and Trade
  • David Paylor, Director of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
  • John Warren, Director of the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy
  • John Daniel, Deputy Attorney General for Commerce, Environment and Technology

Scope and Guidance

In preparing their recommendations, the Secretary and the Work Group shall consider the following:

  1. the establishment of regulations for the reduction of carbon pollution from existing electric power generation facilities pursuant to existing authority under Virginia Code § 10.1- 1300 et seq.;
  2. the carbon reduction requirements for existing electric power generation facilities established under § 11l(d) of the federal Clean Air Act, which are currently stayed pending final disposition;
  3. the interaction between electric utilities and regional markets, including PJM Interconnection;
  4. the impact any reduction requirements place on the reliability of the electric system;
  5. the impact any reduction of carbon pollution may have on electric rates and electric bills;
  6. the impact of reducing carbon pollution on low income and vulnerable communities;
  7. the cost effectiveness of pollution reduction technologies that may be deployed;
  8. the economic development opportunities associated with deployment of new carbon reduction technologies;
  9. the implementation and administration of carbon reduction regulations; and
  10. flexibility in achieving the goals of any carbon reduction regulation.

The Secretary of Natural Resources shall complete her work, including the development of recommendations as to viable carbon reduction methods for the electric power generation facilities by April 30, 2017. The Secretary of Natural Resources shall provide a report on the recommendations to the Governor by May 31, 2017.